Travis Kelce is set to host another Kelce Jam music festival in Kansas City this summer

Travis Kelce is set to host another Kelce Jam music festival in Kansas City this summer

 Travis Kelce is set to host another Kelsey Jam music festival in Kansas City this summer, following the success of last year’s inaugural event. Kelce, who promotes and hosts the festival, put on the star-studded bash for the first time in 2023 after he and the Chiefs became Super Bowl champions. Now, after helping them retain the Vince Lombardi Trophy last month, the Kansas City tight end is due to stage another party filled with live music, superstar guests, and some of the city’s most famous food on May 18th.

Live music at last year’s Kelsey Jam, which took place on NFL weekend, saw Travis’s good friends Machine Gun Kelly and Rick Ross headlining a musical lineup. The event also featured Loud Luxury and Tech 9. Kelly, who grew up with Kelce in Cleveland, joined his good friend on stage, belting out a rendition of “Fight for Your Right” by the Beastie Boys. Kelce also got involved in Ross’s performance, and his mom, Donna, made an appearance on stage as her son entertained the crowd. While it’s unclear which artists he will book for the 2023 Festival, one obvious guest could have been his girlfriend, Taylor Swift. However, Swift had tour dates in Stockholm, Sweden, during the festival. Nevertheless, Kelce’s fame has skyrocketed, and demand is expected to be even higher in 2024.

Food and drink are also highlights of Kelsey Jam. In 2023, fans enjoyed some of Kansas City’s legendary barbecue cuisine from famous restaurants like Joe’s, which offered a special Kelsey combo featuring Kansas ribs and sausage with a Cleveland mustard-inspired barbecue sauce. Hawaiian food from Hawaiian Brothers and Island flavors from Longboards Wraps and Bowls were also available. VIP ticket holders enjoyed a complimentary barbecue from Q39 in a special VIP Clubhouse and Lounge. Hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, and a selection of beer and liquor options were also on offer.

Interactive experiences and games are essential parts of the festival. Last year’s event featured a chicken wings eating competition on stage, along with interactive fan experiences like an NFL kicking challenge. Kelce himself mingled with festival-goers, sharing drinks and posing for photos. Kelsey Jam also offered merchandise for purchase, ensuring fans could take home souvenirs from the event.

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